Archeage Korean Font Mod

archeage Korean Font Mod

mod / (. After installing this mod, i have been getting significant FPS drops that normally don t occur. We are talking unplayable performance here. Font set to default: 40 stable FPS in Marianople on max settings. Font set to, korean : 10-20 FPS in Marianople on low settings Otherwise I am loving the mod, I am just really sad that I can t use it Q_Q. They have confirmed FoV mod is allowed, however korean font, and portal book organizer are being looked into, But for sure they confirmed FoV mod as acceptable. Hello everybody, September checking in from the Hanure server. Official Recruit a Friend This video is going to show you how to install and run the new improved FOV mod for NA/EU, archeage version. Simple things like FoV. Mod, Korean Font Mod and this one should be in the game already. If they can t deliver (because they work on things in a priority order and a player that knows codding can make a tool to give it to the players, then all they need to do is to review it and gives us their verdict. Available font s are: archeage _pgm- mod archeage _snail- mod flareserif_821_roman frizqtcyr frizquadratac frizquadratactt- mod fzlantinghei_r_gbk fzlbk librebaskerville-bold migmix-2p-regular nanumgothicbold pgm- mod yd_ygo540 yoon_firedgothic_b yoon_snail_b.

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Reply With" :52 PM #6, originally Posted by, nicko, trying to post here, hoping for some help. This is one of the archeage Korean Font Mod most bizzarre issues I have ever had with a game.o Reply With" :48 PM #10 Originally Posted by Nicko I appreciate your help but it doesn't seem to work. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.


AA Mod Pack Updated: 2/2/2016 Current Status: Undetected This is alot of work in progress and mostly being done myself so forgive me on time constraints if I cannot instantly respond to emails, messages, or private. I may pst more then one video upon launch. Depending on time of day Korea launches it, I do work 2-10pm. But I do intend again to cover miriage isle, all new reciepes, new zones and lastly new character races. I won t stream new WB/Dungeon if one as I will do that later after I talk to some Korean friends.
archeage Korean Font Mod

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