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present in the mission - only addons of objects present in the mission upon mission start. ArrayN Example : Input (3 classes "B_Soldier_F "B_mrap_01_F "ModuleLightning_F" Output (3 arrays with settings true,0.1, true,0.5,0.6, false,0,0 Every item in the array is in the following format: show, cost, (costWithCrew) show: Boolean - true to let the object. There can be multiple modules present in a mission, each with its own settings. Equipment - Combined Enabling Disabling thermals into a single module. General - Fix conficts with some other mods (MCC, AGM) - Reinforcements - Possible fix for issue where sometimes reinforcements would spawn at 0,0,0 instead of where module was placed - Teleport - Fix issue where creating too many. All curator related scripting commands can be found in the. Class CfgPatches class myAddon units myObject1, myObject2 ; weapons ; requiredVersion 1; requiredAddons arma 3 Zeus Modu ; ; ; Editable Objects By default, every object placed by curator is immediately made editable. The camera is local to curator owner, so any changes to it has to be executed locally as well. Teleport - Dropping the 'Teleporter' module on an object will now make that object a teleporter instead of creating a new one. V1.4.0 - Added a bunch more premade base compositions from Vernei's prebuilt pastable bases ( p?id27531 ). Media: Credits Thanks: Ares integrates code or contains code based on the following mods or scripts: Curator Presets Mod (by Chessmaster) infantry Occupy House (by Zenophon) p?id26343 JTD Building Search Script (by TRexian) p?id13130 License / Disclaimer: This work. Curator can press 'Space' to quickly move the camera to their location. Experimental (Reinforcements) - Added some RHS units to reinforcement pools. Modules (F7) Zeus Game Master. Expanded control over unit behaviours and equipment including: - Ability to make enemy (or friendly) AI units surrender - Building searching - Garrisoning buildings - Controlling flashlight and NVG use - Firing artillery - Generating patrol routes - And more. Arsenal - Renamed the 'Add All.' option to 'Add Filtered.' * Behaviours - Fixed issue where AI units that were garrisoned wouldn't turn to shoot 179) * Equipment - Added ability to remove plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Forums Mod optics from enemy weapons. When undefined, normal cost is used.

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  1. Editing Areas Blue editing area border visible in the background Editing area is a zone in which curator can modify entities. Equipment - Fix issue where only nato NVG's were being removed with the 'Remove NVG's' module - Equipment - Removed NVG's from unit inventory (even if not equipped). Txt * Util - Fixed issue where player groups were lost when switching sides 186) * Util - Added more options when changing player sides 187).6.0 * Arsenal - Added ability to put full (unfiltered) Arsenal on an object. It's executed when player enters curator interface, so individual values cannot be changed on the fly. However, you can still tweak costs using action coefficients and available objects by unlocking addons.
  2. As with editing areas, camera ones can also be grouped into larger chunks, and designer can set whether they camera can operate only inside or only outside of them. Reinforcements - Add new helicopters to reinforcement vehicle pools.
  3. I wanted to know how do you setup. Zeus correctly, because if i go with the vanilla. Module to the Game Master ModuleCurator_F, module.
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