Bl2 Grog Nozzle Mod

bl2 Grog Nozzle Mod

, nozzle is a unique pistol manufactured by Maliwan that appears in Tiny Tina s Assault on Dragon Keep. It is a mission-specific weapon available only during the mission The Beard Makes the Man, though it was lootable during the Borderlands 2100,000 Loot Hunt. Hand over the keys. Mk s Gibbed Codes. A guest Jul 17th, 2013 25,374 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks. ( Mega capacity shield, use with banshee class mods for Siren Immolate trick ). Borderlands2 - reddit BL2 Reborn at Borderlands 2 Nexus - Mods and community Shadowevil1996 and his team for figuring out how to mod bl2 via console once again shadowevil1996 and his team for creating the community patch Adudney for creating the hotfix tool, giving a lot of advice, and figuring out a lot. Yes, it s possible to get the. Grog Nozzle legitimately - it is a quest reward for the dumb but fun optional mission that you mention. Remember - the mission is 100 optional which means the. I used mine through the mid-60 s in uvhm but no higher than that - for me by the low OP levels it had sorta outgrown its novelty usefulness. Welcome To Borderlands 2! The Borderlands 2 subreddit. This subreddit accepts external link.
  • Blockade, evolution, hoplite, sponge, cracked Sash, deadly Bloom. Special Weapon Effects, hand over the keys, Sugar. . This transfer can lead to some exceptional combinations when used with certain area-effect weapons, such as the.
  • Flakker, variations of the, fibber, or the n64 Rom Hacks Everdrive Hive. AngrierPat, SirUmnei,Zububu for giving suggestions/advice and playtesting the WIP version of this mod. (PS: So if you talk about "gibbed" or any type a save editor, they you need to learn some reading comprehension skills). Nonetheless, players may find it in their best interests to avoid turning in the mission so that they might keep the weapon instead, given how powerful its various qualities are. If a new playthrough is started this item will disappear until the mission is once again accepted for that playthrough.
  • The hiccuping sound will only be heard while playing the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. Due to the Grog Nozzle being a mission weapon several things will happen: Players connecting to a game where The Beard Makes the Man is in progress will automatically have the gun added to their characters' inventories.
  • The Grog Nozzle's 'drunken' bullet spread effect can be momentarily transferred to another gun if the player switches during the effect. Rubi (another Moxxi pistol yet heals at a rate of just over five times as much, 65 compared to the Rubi's already powerful.5. BL2(Bwaaaab9yQkACwFY8P8AwA) The Beast Within, headhunter DLC, bL2(BwaaaadxngUBAwMgebaawA) Hollowed. BL2(BwaaaadwxbmdagcQ8P8AwA) Stay Hungry, bL2(Bwaaaac6zrmcagUQ8P8AwA) Snow Problem, bL2(Bwaaaac/hhQDBwdA8P8AwA) Using Your Head.


BL2 Gibbed: Bl2 Grog Nozzle Mod

Credits and Thanks ark Ps4 Cheats Aktivieren go to: shadowevil1996 and his team for figuring out how to mod bl2 via console once again shadowevil1996 and his team for creating the community patch. Head_PN2 Balance: GD_Mechro_Items_chro_Head_PN2 Goliath Heads: Assassin Type: st2 Balance: GD_Assassin_Items_sassin_ Head_LootChest2 Commando Type: 2 Balance: GD_Soldier_Items_ldier_He ad_LootChest2 Gunzerker Type: Balance: GD_Merc_Items_rc_Head_Loo tChest2 Siren Type: Balance: GD_Siren_Items_ren_Head_L ootChest2 Mechromancer Type: Balance: GD_Mechro_Items_chro_Head _LootChest2 Psycho Type: Balance: GD_Psycho_Items_ycho_Head _LootChest2 Community Day. BL2(Bwaaaackmaqbeqpa8P8AwA) Wise, bL2(Bwaaaaa3aAkBCwNY8P8AwA) Bear Naked, headhunter DLC, bL2(BwaaaacdlwUAAwEgebaawA) Frankenzerker. The Grog Nozzle does only one fifth the damage of the. The effect only starts when the Grog Nozzle is equipped, but will stay in effect for a short time if the player switches to another weapon while "drunk". Entering a turret (vehicle or stationary) while wielding the Grog Nozzle will still activate the random drunkenness and will transfer the drunken firing effect to the turret but lacking the reduction in fire rate. Very low (about -80) damage, 200 Multiplicative Critical Hit damage.


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