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x Reader x Rin - RiRi - Wattpad Love Me Harder (Cheater! I m sick but that is not going to stop me from doing a chapter so here. The overly (un) symmetrical boy cheats on you with. Rin Matsuoka x reader. This is a fan-fiction story. It contains strong language from time to time. You are a girl who came to Iwatobi from Tokyo and now is catching up bleach Cheater X Reader with the social life there; 2nd year of High school; gymnast. She is trying to find her way in a new school but ends up in a playful love story with the maroon-haired boy. Levi X Reader) AU, an attack Cheater Levi x reader favourites by KikiLynnMartin Bleach x reader favourites by rayearth16 on DeviantArt Follow/Fav Love Me Harder (Cheater! Levi X Reader). There was a time when you and the famed and feared Corporal Levi Ackerman were deeply in love, that is until he betrayed you in the worst way possible. He has finally found you after about a year of absence, seeking your forgiveness and love once again. F!Reader The smoking wagon was nearly empty. The man with the navy blue turtleneck gave up on the words written in the screen, and decided to look up from his laptop to observe his surroundings once again. (Ulquiorra x Wolf Adjuchas Reader) (Author s note: This was a request from awsome2121. The request was for a three part Ulquiorra x Wolf Adjuchas Reader.

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  2. Petra opens her own eyes and the look of pleasure is quickly replaced with a look of shock and fear. And if in the moment I bite my lip.
  3. It bleach Cheater X Reader has not changed one bit and neither has my feelings for you. Listen to the song, thanks! Instead you look up and see a rather impressive sight. She frowns, deeply concerned for you.
  4. bleach Cheater X Reader
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  6. At that moment, you finally understood why people say hearts break. And now here you were, only a few feet away from him and he couldn't believe. Enjoy Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Free!


The Vamps - Cheater.

Hitsugaya Toushirou/You

Bored, you groaned irritably. Ulquiorra just sat there watching you, his expression flat and unreadable as usual. You gave him a sharp glance.

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