Borderlands 2 Goldene Schlüssel Shift Code

borderlands 2 Goldene Schlüssel Shift Code

, wtcbb-H5WHC-5F3T3-TBT3T-HR6TJ, k3K33-3W9JT-6xjjt-TB3JB-hwzzf, ktcjj-fhzjw-W6JJB-ttbtj-R9WWJ, wTCJ3-SHH3K-kfjt3-JBJ3J-H5965, ctwtb-jtbw5-kfttt-JTB33-jtbwb 5T5B3-cwjsk-krtjt-ttjjt-9HW63. KJ5BT-fbksk-KXJ3T-3btjt-FJX5C (Claptrap Webseries; 2 key k3K33-3W9JT-6xjjt-TB3JB-hwzzf (Gearbox Award Celebration; 5 keys). C35BJ-srbf6-5tfkb-bbtjt-fsbzk (5 oovoo Hack Keys) (15-12-15) 5BC33-crjrf-WB6WB-3tttb-655ZX (5 Keys) (15-12-15 cT5JB-fstfx-5TF5T-3jjtt-6CF6T (5 Keys) (15-12-15 wJW3B-5HBR6-5bxct-33TJ3-WXT53 (5 Keys) (15-12-15) 535TJ-3JC6X-kjxcj-btbbt-K5WFR (5 Keys) (15-12-15) 5BW3B-F96CT-kxjfk-TB3B3-39BWZ (20 Keys 15-12-15) 5jwtt-khtsb-S5TXC-BB33J-HCJ6K (5 Keys) (15-12-15). WBK3T-BKW6T-txtrk-jttbt-C6BS5 (25 keys cjwjj-HR5Z9-6JT3J-J3TBT-6TJ6K (5) 5bwbt-RX5ZH-fjbjb-jbtjt-crbwx (5 wtctj-J9CS9-RJJ33-T3J3B-BT9XH (5 cB-K9WHH-63JTJ-B3JJB-HT533 (5). Kbwjj-wtxb9-C59J6-wfbtj-TK6BJ (GDC 2013: Humor in BL2). Also, you can only send 3 items a day. U/Adamantaimai, m0derat0r, view All Moderators. Important Guides, the Borderlands Wiki, unofficial Community Patch, borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Every code here unlocks a head for the 6 characters (one for each). Golden keys are used to unlock the golden chest located in sanctuary. SHiFT Code, link, coop, media, trade, meme. CJ5T3-K5TF6-5TRC3-tbtjb-HZ5ZF, w3CTJ-bftfr-kjrk3-JJT3J-H6H36 5B5TB-xfbx6-wbxwj-JJ3TJ-9rxzw 53K3T-jzjx6-wbxkb-bbjjb-SJH3K, c35BJ-srbf6-5tfkb-bbtjt-fsbzk 5BC33-crjrf-WB6WB-3tttb-655ZX, cT5JB-fstfx-5TF5T-3jjtt-6CF6T, wJW3B-5HBR6-5bxct-33TJ3-WXT53 535TJ-3JC6X-kjxcj-btbbt-K5WFR 5BW3B-F96CT-kxjfk-TB3B3-39BWZ 5jwtt-khtsb-S5TXC-BB33J-HCJ6K, other Stuff, there are some codes that give you the B B class mods, one of these codes also include a golden key too. WB5JJ-KX6HS-xbjbt-tbjjb-XW3S3 (5) KJ53B-rrrsz-F3TJJ-tjtt3-wbht6 (5) W353B-9fxzz-RBJ3J-BT3B3-JK9KH (5) wtwj3-tsxzs-ftjb3-3ttjj-wbct3 (5) CJW3J-khxzh-63TTJ-T3J33-R5HXK (5) K35JT-zkxxj-tftrk-JB3JB-SC65Z (5) 5bwbb-F5XXT-JF3R5-BJ3JT-6jjsk (5) WB-B3HHZ-rjjjj-JJT3B-69XHK (5) cbwj3-6hrzs-6TJJ3-3bjbt-WH3TZ (5) KT5T3-HS6HZ-fbjt3-3TJT3-ZC5KH (5) heads kjkjt-whbkx-HC9BT-tjbj3-xjfsj (Axton's Head (8/13/13) cbkbj-6ZJW6-HKH3T-B3T33-F5ZRS (Gaige Head (8/14/13) CT5BB-XTW5X-9csbt-3bttj-FT5X5 (Zeros's Head (8/19/13) KTC3T-WTW5F-zchb3-BT3B3-XJ9WR (Maya's Head (8/19/13) cbkbb-zhjc6-swhjt-JJ3BB-3cxhs (Krieg's Head (8/19/13) wbcjj-33KWR-S5Z33-bjttb-65WJJ. I only know 6 codes, but all of them should work. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Do not advertise paid services. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 32 comments 97 Upvoted, sort by, community Details 668, sanctuary Citizens, the Borderlands 2 subreddit.
  • Borderlands 2: Golden Key - m, The Video Games Wiki
  • Redeem these, borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes and get access to the Golden Chest. Borderlands 2, golden Keys you will get some epic in-Game loot. Shift Codes are provided by Gearbox Software and are added frequently to this archive. All currently working, borderlands 2 shift codes (Golden Keys). This is a more confusing part.
  • No begging for loot or boosting. To enter the below codes go to Extras Shift Code in borderlands.
  • borderlands 2 Goldene Schlüssel Shift Code
  • Flair Filter, loot, meta, question, discussion, video. Why should I use Golden Keys?
  • Golden keys, ctwtb-jtbw5-kfttt-JTB33-jtbwb (2 key) 5T5B3-cwjsk-krtjt-ttjjt-9HW63 (IGN goty Judgment Day; 2 key). Activating a code, if you are new to Shift Codes, read this section to learn where and how to enter the codes. They have been put out as something extremely valuable and should be saved for end game, but in reality that isnt true.
Related Subreddits, moderators u/moldyredditor, moldy u/slimjim72384 u/thedailyguru, catch A guuuuun! The Krieg and the Gaige skins only work if you have those DLCs too. Patty's Day Skins SMG) (3/14/14) cjkbj-3xwtf-HCJ6K-JJB3T-SB35X (newww Axton as Athena) (8/29/14) ctwtb-rxktr-skjxw-3tbtj-kxkkh (newww Salvador as Wilhelm) borderlands 2 Goldene Schlüssel Shift Code (8/29/14) kbwt3-WF5TR-SC3XW-T333B-tscts (newww Maya as Nisha) (8/29/14) W3C33-H653X-9CTR5-3TBJ3-HZ99S (newww Zer0 as Claptrap) (8/29/14) 53WT3-59KJX-95B65-3J333-S9JW9 (newww Gaige as Moon Moxxi) (8/29/14) ctktj-jswjf-scjxk-3TJJ3-rwtkx (newww. Final note, if you don't like the constant notifications I have created a guide alternative to this. Do not discuss piracy.
  1. Borderlands 2 Golden Keys Archive with New SHiFT Codes
  2. The best time to use golden keys are whenever you want, but Ive found using them in the beginning of uvhm makes it way easier. I guess I should note that it was where I orignally started from, it's no longer the source. Some SHiFT codes give other things besides keys. You can discuss anything related to Borderlands 2 and the series in it's entirety.
  3. There are tons of codes. There are ones that give you 1,3,5,10,20 or 25 keys. Im not sure which code works or not, most of the 1 key codes are expired, some others too, but most of the 5 keys are working for sure. SHiFT codes are codes entered on the main menu.
  4. If you get a message, that you cant input the code, or that its invalid, check how you highlighted. Start the game, go to Extras, then Shift Codes. K3K33-SFH5X-WBX5B-BJB33-Z9J3F KTK3J-FR3JS-ZX55B-B3BJ3-hsrb6 535BB-3R3BZ-HF5K3-JJB33-3BF3J ctkj3-9cbjs-9R5WT-JBJ3T-wkxkf cbcj3-W5TT9-S65K3-BJJ3B-xhwwc cbkj3-5FT39-zrcct-jtjb3-RFJ5B 5J5TT-RC JBS-zxwcj-TJ3BJ-TK3FB wtcbj-ftcxf-5txct-3TJ33-tzxw6 5JWT3-3H5FB-scbx5-TJ3JB-H5R6X cjkbj-3xwtf-HCJ6K-JJB3T-SB35X ctwtb-rxktr-skjxw-3tbtj-kxkkh kbwt3-WF5TR-SC3XW-T333B-tscts W3C33-H653X-9CTR5-3TBJ3-HZ99S 53WT3-59KJX-95B65-3J333-S9JW9 ctktj-jswjf-scjxk-3TJJ3-rwtkx Playstation and Xbox Codes Reward Playstation Xbox 5 Golden Keys New wjkj3-HF3SZ-STW9W-SJ5TT-H35RS 5tkjj-jrrfw-HZF6S-56BTB-sbfwx 5 Golden Keys New ktwbj-xrjh9-9jwhc-ZJW3T-ccxbt KB5BJ-K66FK-9hrfz-cfjtt-XT9ZB 5 Golden Keys WBC3T-TX3ZS-HB5ZW-H3CTT-R6KSB wtwtj-fwxx5-ZS6FH-WX3B3-9R65R 5 Golden Keys 5bctt-9W3SS-HTK95-93K3B-FW3ZB. Press OK, and then you will have your gift activated.
  5. CJC33-RH3ZB-9KTX5-3T3JJ-sxfrk (5 Keys) (15-12-15 kJ5BJ-H9BHT-HCJ65-33JJ3-htxzz (5 Keys) (15-12-15 k353B-twsbx-H5BR5-J3T33-6xtck (5 Keys) (15-12-15). Press J to jump to the feed. You guys are the source ;D (Thanks everyone that posts keys :D) (Thanks titomosquito187 for the sorting). Golden keys can be very useful if you need better gear at a lower level. There are ones that give you 1,3,5,10,20 or 25 keys.


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Borderlands 2 Goldene Schlüssel Shift Code - Borderlands 2 All

Borderlands 2 in which you can get Golden Keys to use on the Golden Chest in Sanctuary. The chest will give you purple or E-tech weapons of your. Borderlands 2, fAQ free loot: Shift and QR, codes. Latest golden KEY, codes.

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