Cod Advanced Warfare Gun Stats

cod Advanced Warfare Gun Stats

Stats Call of Duty Wiki fandom powered by Wikia Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare has seen the introduction of multiple weapon variants of a cod Advanced Warfare Gun Stats single weapon. These variants, for the most part, have changes. The ASM1 is a submachine gun that appears in, call of Duty : Advanced Warfare. With Extended Mags, the Reckless gains similar stats to that of the. Advanced Warfare features a variety of different multiplayer weapons, ranging from simple assault rifles to powerful plasma-rifles, which can be customized with. ASM1 Call of Duty Wiki fandom powered by Wikia There are 6 stats to each weapon in, call of Duty : Advanced Warfare. These are Damage, Accuracy, Fire Rate, Range, Handling, and Mobility. Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter developed. As usual, weapons often have different stats in multiplayer modes (including Exo). The Hollywood couple allegedly paid bribes of 500,000 in order to secure their daughters at USC and are charged with mail fraud and money laundering conspiracy. Download.torrent - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 -. The ASM1's greatest strength is its flexibility. Before an update, it was quite an effective weapon, sporting a good magazine capacity, a low upgrade point value and moderate but controllable recoil. Should a player be able to use the weapon well despite the recoil, this is a great variant to use. The rather bad iron sights and quite large viewkick also swag Yolo Money makes the weapon quite inaccurate. We have a full. The Strider is also a great variant available for this weapon. Damage Multipliers, generally means that the damage output of the weapon is multiplied (increased, usually.5x or 2x) when bullets hit specific areas of an enemy such as the head or torso. Additionally, in the next-gen versions of the game, it is used by enemy. Mobility, this stat determines how quickly your player can move around with the weapon drawn. However the Reckless decreases hip-fire accuracy by 10, and suffers from the drawbacks of the Rapid Fire attachment: this means recoil is increased by 20, hip-fire accuracy is further decreased by 20, and the three-hit kill range is reduced.7 meters.
  • However, equipping Rapid Fire will reduce the three-hit kill range.7 meters, increase recoil by 20 and decrease hip-fire accuracy. Black Ops 3 weapons list and will soon be adding in-depth guides for all guns and their stats. You Might Also Like. Exo Zombies Edit The ASM1 appears in Exo Zombies. Accuracy, this stat refers to the overall spread of the bullets fired from your weapon.
  • Franklin Township Warren County -.O. Read this article and youll be able to do this! David K Cheat mode: Press Ctrl ShiftC to display the console window. Just download and play.
  • The ASM1 is one of the strongest SMGs in the game, and is definitely one to consider. The higher the handling stat on a weapon, the faster it is to aim.
  • Cod Advanced Warfare Gun Stats
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare AW - Weapons List Stats - Black Ops
  • It was a good weapon choice if the player wants a weapon with a high magazine capacity but still wanted high mobility. A second can be added with the Secondary Gunfighter. Below weve listed every stat that is mentioned for weapons. As well, the Competence makes the weapon a five-shot kill at long range, just like the Strider variant.
Multiplayer, edit, the ASM1 sports good damage and moderate recoil, with recoil stabilizing under sustained fire whilst lowering the rate of fire of the weapon. These penalties can be countered using attachments and/or some supply drop variants. The intro fire rate is extremely fast, but the default fire rate is the slowest in-class (barring a nokia Mobile Game Snake Xenzia Cheat Codes single SAC3). Fire Rate, the speed at which bullets leave the muzzle of the weapon. Figuring out which guns are the most powerful or the most useful in different scenarios can be tough. The, rapid Fire is a very useful attachment to speed up the weapon's time-to-kill as it increases the normal fire rate to 842 RPM, higher than the intro fire rate, making the weapon more powerful for close-quarters engagements. For camouflage images, see ASM1/Camouflage. However the Competence has 10 more recoil per shot, and the medium damage range is reduced to 26 meters. This refers to the maximum effective range of a weapon. Most Secondary Weapons can hold one.
  1. Guide: What do the weapon stats do?
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  4. The intro fire rate applies to all ASM1 variants, the only difference in fire rate being the final rate of fire after the first eight shots have expired. As well, the ASM1 has nice damage, as for its class, it has the best unmodified damage (compared to the. The ASM1 in campaign has a visible foregrip, identical to that of the Speakeasy supply drop variant from multiplayer, but it is not used. Upgrading the weapon makes the ASM1 a fairly powerful gun. Unfortunately, it also has a huge downside, as the viewkick is increased.
cod Advanced Warfare Gun Stats It costs 2 upgrade points, and is unlocked at round. With the basic iron sights, it can be difficult to stay on target at longer ranges.

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