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get everything you need) and also tried to keep the same currency. Are you thinking to yourself, is there an objectively superior gun loadout? X3 x3 - - x2 - - x5 - - Lvl 35 x10 - - The, m4A1 is present in, escape from Tarkov 's predecessor, Contract Wars, a PvP multiplayer game also by Battlestate Games, as a tier 4 assault rifle and named "M4A1 Custom". 2 21 does not give any stats Upper Receiver Vitor MUR-1S Peacekeeper. Trader Level Select, items will turn black when you are not able to purchase. 3 142 requires Vitor casv keymod. Instead you can use the PBS-4 without any adapter. Note 1: the PBS-1 silencer can replace the DTK-4M without any loss in recoil reduction, but a loss of 2 ergonomics (and it doesn't require the TT AKM muzzle adapter). 3 63 Barrel 370mm Peacekeeper. The game is currently down to apply patches, but once it's back up, i'll re-update all the prices. 3 3780 can only be mounted on the Magpul MOE hand guard. I'll also try to keep this updated whenever new attachments are released. Note 2: i chose pricing based on convenience. But that doesn't mean these are the best for every situation. Save-slots and links will be wiped. I also don't have as much free time as i used to so please be patient. Shown attachment might be incomplete, and images might not show. 2 37 Stock Magpul PRS GEN2 Peacekeeper. Colt M4A1.56x45 Assault Rifle (M4A1) is an assault rifle in, escape from Tarkov.
  • 2 4104 Charging Handle Zenit Rp-1 Skier. 3 7020 can only support the Magpul M-LOK AFG foregrip and no other attachments. Colt A2, peacekeeper.
  • For instance, you might want to switch to a shorter barrel for your M4 when you run factory. Edit: fixed the list to include the Zenit DTK-4M silencer for AKM and the 6P20.7 stock for AKM edit 2: added prices to everything. The only time i don't consider recoil reduction is when it comes to silencers because being to mask your location eft M4a1 Modding is extremely powerful. 3 30240 requires the TT AKM muzzle adapter. From Escape from Tarkov Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, the.
  • 4 233 Charging Handle Badger Ordnance Peacekeeper. Note: prices of items do change, so these numbers may not always be exact, but they'll give you a good ball park. AKM, superior Loadout, attachment Type, name, trader.
  • Edit 3: the Colt A2 buffer stock rsass stock is the best combo for all platforms edit 4: added the attachments released in patch.7.4 (the hera arms CQR foregrip replaces the magpul RVG for the M4). In my opinion, recoil reduction is far more important than ergonomics because conserving stamina is great, but it doesn't mean much if i can't get enough shots on target. Because the cost of currency changes, it's hard to tell if it's cheaper to purchase something using USD, roubles, or euros. Magpul MOE, skier.


These are all prices i had collected for myself but with no regard for cheapest price. 4 171 Optional Ergo Additions Attachment Type Name Trader Price roblox Destruction Simulator Codes Wikia Notes Pistol Grip Naroh Arms gral-S Peacekeeper. 4 68 Hand Guard War Sport lvoa-S Peacekeeper. 4 102 Buffer Tube Colt A2 Peacekeeper. 4 47 also comes with the MP-153 trade-in Cost of Goods Components Price w/ Bought M4 Price w/ MP-153 Trade-in Gun 1,245 4x MP-153 Superior Loadout,310 102 Options 511 464 Gun Superior 2, x MP-153 Gun Superior. So how do i define "objectively superior"?
3 648 does not give any stats, hand eft M4a1 Modding Guard. Retrieved from " ".
Memes must be directly related. EFT ; Pictures of loot/stash/loadouts. This is the same outcome I came to when I tried to mod my AK m4 for.

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