Fallout New Vegas Unlimited Ammo Mod

fallout New Vegas Unlimited Ammo Mod

for unlimited grenades are enabled by default. You need to give companions at least 1 valid bullet for their gun for them to be able to equip. For ammo, Hard Mode is only usable steam Hacked Accounts by the player as ammo is handled differently for companions, but Hard Mode weapon conditions apply to both player and companions. Changes the BB Gun, unique BB Gun, Alien Blaster, and Fat Man to use an ammo list, so that they can be used as companion weapons. I recommend disabling unlimited ammo and condition for both player and companions first before uninstalling. Update: Added a new item called the "Companion Ammo Source". Except for one oddly specific weapon (or at least the only weapon I have found so far) which is the Brush gun, now this is fantastic when it comes to Cass, Boone and Raul (especially Raul. There are Normal and Hard modes for both ammo and condition. Written primarily with companions in mind due to how quickly they break their weapons especially if you give them a full-auto weapon like a flamethrower or MG42 or something, but usable by the player too if you want. One or both of these may be enabled if desired. This mod's scripts check whatever weapon is currently equipped to see if it's valid for receiving ammo. Mod-added guns that have extremely long formlists for possible ammo types may cause some lag on first equip as the mod tries to add all of its ammo. If not, skip ahead. While as the player character I'm easily able to manage my ammo (and cheat if necessary I felt like it was too much of hassle to enjoy my mod-added guns and companions due to how inefficient they are with ammo. The mod does not directly modify companions or weapons, and should be compatible with most other mods, except those that change ammo lists. The.esm file enables infinite ammo for the default companions (Arcade, Boone, Cass, Lily, Raul, and Veronica). However, by default, only pistols are unlimited for the player. No weapons, ammo, leveled lists or companions are ever edited at any point. Start the game, save while the mod is deactivated, then exit the game. Size12 installation /size If you had.0b and fallout New Vegas Unlimited Ammo Mod are upgrading to the latest version, perform a clean install! Adds a briefcase to Goodsprings containing a Companion Ammo Source. I could probably come up with some kind of algorithm and option for adding only hollow-point or full-metal jacket rounds, but even that is already pretty complex and requires too much scripting. Please report any bugs with any features!), does not conflict with any mod. O_o size12 IN-game instructions AND tips /size Unlimited Ammo Control This is the configuration item and is located under Apparel (it has a slave collar icon).


This item is for custom companions (such as companions added by other mods ). When equipped, it gives the NPC unlimited ammo. The item is not. Having a simple problem with the Inf.

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Is Clash Royale Hacked All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Even from the DLCs or other mods. Forums: Index Fallout: New Vegas general star Wars Battlefront 2 Private Hack discussion Infinite ammo exploit, useful!
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Fallout New Vegas Unlimited Ammo Mod - Fallout New

Ammo mod, in that it simply doesn t work. Except for one oddly specific weapon (or at least the only weapon I have found so far) which is the Brush gun, now this is fantastic when it comes to Cass, Boone and Raul (especially Raul. It was going to remove the unlimited ammo aspect and instead give them tons of really crappy ammo.

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Fallout: New Vegas General Discussions Topic Details, problem with Infinite companion ammo mod. Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points You must get permission to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets.

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