Ftl Save Mods

ftl Save Mods

Cataclysm Various Crystal Guns by RAD-82 GianTell's Armament by GianTell GO ballistic! FTL Homeworld is now compatible with Advanced Edition. D.0: (Called FTL Spacedock) - initial release, thanks to ComaToes and especially Vhati for helping me with this release. (Do note that.1 is more stable, though who knows what I'm still missing). He removed a number of crashes if things weren't just so, added mac/linux support, and added save finder functions that allow you to run pubg Codes Reddit Online the jar from wherever, instead of having to run it from your saves folder. E-Fighter SM by Yawdar.M.C. M - Author: alextfish m turbonutter's Custom Ships m - Author: turbonutter m The Viper m - Author: DryEagle m USS Defiant m - Author: y0sho m WIP New -Jan 22, 2013. There are also some plans to eventually automate this list as a self regulating c that everyone can access from here. Advanced Weapons and Shields m - Author: nataryeahbuddy m New -Jan 23, 2013. Special thanks to Lologarithm and KartoFlane for helping me with this update. Credit to t/ for their huge bank of Star Trek ship schematics. Pulsar, The by stargateprovider Punks and Posers Challenge by Gencool Pythia, The Lanius A by Chrono Vortex Pyroclast, The by fdagpigj Pyroxenite, The Rock B by Biohazard063 Pounder by Lamina Pyrrhic Victory Kestrel C by sovietbear Qarthius, The Mantis Battleship. Try running it by double clicking the bat file it came with (v3.0 and up) and posting the contents of the command window that pops up when it runs. CE Submod by Gidoza, change All Starting Crew To Lanius by mr_easy_money, change All Starting Crew to one race by mr_easy_money, new! M - Author: Alblaka m Sector music playlist m - Author: Koborover m The Modding Discussion thread m Miscellaneous Savegame Checkpoint script (for Mac) m - Author: snarke m Mods Note: Mods tagged with WIP are currently Work. His advice has been much appreciated. UI Overhaul and Graphics Mod.991 by Russian Rockman Vanilla Friendly Graphical Tweaks Extras by R30hedron New! M - Author: RichText m Somewhat Faster Than Light m - Author: blaeron m Sonata Total Conversion m - Author: thashepherd m Turning The Tide m - Author: Kieve m abandoned Star Trek Addon m - Author: Natalie m abandoned Hard/Extreme. Starcraft Conversion - 18 new ships! Lady Sigmas Pride Fed B by Pokepika01 Lamia's Refitted Ships by Lamia Lancer, The Ramming Cruiser by NarnKar Lancer, The by Chrono Vortex Lanius Bombers by FederationScumX1999 Lanius Destroyers by FederationScumX1999 Lanius Eradicators by Stormbringer Lanius Frigates by FederationScumX1999 Lanius.
Ftlgame.exe in the list, select it, and press Open In the box labelled Value: enter the value of what you want to change. External autosave functionality for FTL. Creates backups of the save files every time they change while playing and allows for easy restoring so you can jump back to any save in time. Usually FTL updates its save files at least once per location, so you get a pretty coherent history with this eds Java 8 or higher to run.
  1. I've been very encouraged by their constructive criticism and really appreciate what they've done! This way, you could play and have to build your own ships instead of getting free ones from the Fed. So for now, I would volunteer to curate a new list, featuring only mods that are up to date with. This is temporary and can be reverted if you are using GMM. This means that if you're halfway through a playthrough with the Kestrel and you feel like playing with your Mantis Cruiser, you can dock the Kestrel and board your Mantis Cruiser, without having to beat the game with the Kestrel or die trying.
  2. FTL: Faster Than Light is a spaceship simulation, real-time, roguelike-like game by Matthew Davis and Justin. Following Reddiquette is encouraged. Please report posts containing spoilers not using the method below.
  3. Please report posts or comments regarding pirating or begging. Do not post users personal information. So for now, I would volunteer to curate a new list, featuring only mods that are up to date with. There are also some plans to eventually automate this list as a self regulating c that everyone can access from here.
  4. Ftl Save Mods
  5. Deepspace Delux EP DIY Integration Mod Music by Sleeper Service, disable Fleet by aedyr, event Assistant by ValdorianAlt2 Expand Weapon and Drone Slots to 4 by mr_easy_money Faster Than Christmas Elves! Dirk, The by lolman360 Domination, The by Turbo_Scrooge Dragion, The Zoltan/Slug Merge by ArfyIII Drone Swarm by stylesrj Druugen Mauler, The by stylesrj Eagle Class Light Cruiser by Stormbringer Earth Defenders by Whited Ebon Hawk, The by Krail (AE compatibility version.
For the meantime, feel free to post your suggestions, be it your own mods or AE mods that you think should be on the list. FTL devs have referred to modding as unexpected and have said that it is unlikely FTL will ever support mods in any way. Nonetheless, the developers decided to allow the modding community a home at the official forums, where most mods are released and discussed to further improve them.

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