Gun Nut Fallout 4 Code

gun Nut Fallout 4 Code

attack. Astoundingly Awesome 14 Do 5 damage against Super Mutants. Big Gun, and so it will not get a bonus from this perk but instead would benefit from the. " have been picked up how To Cheat In Nba 2k17 prior to increasing the relevant base stats to 10 through the perk chart, they will effectively take the place of one perk point each, potentially reducing the minimum level required for every. In.A.T.S every attack on the same body part gains 10 accuracy. 00092a6e Tumblers Today 5 Tumblers Today Gain a bonus to lockpicking. 001c63eb Wasteland Survival 9 Collect extra meat from animal kills. Now has a 25 chance to restore all Action Points. Melee distance is increased even more, and the farther the Blitz distance, the greater the damage. Xx 050b35 Recipe Roundup Unlocks sludge based recipes at chemistry stations. Stimpaks restore 40 of lost Health, and RadAway removes 40 of radiation. Xx 034e81 Quest/faction related perks Edit Perk Benefit Base ID Captain's Feast 10 XP earned for 2 hours. Covert Operations Manual 10 Covert Operations You are more difficult to detect while sneaking.

Gun Nut

If there's a terminal you'd love to hack or an NPC you'd love to persuade, use this. Xx 028a22 Ghoulish 4 END 9 50 Rad damage will now begin to slowly heal, restoring health in the process. Nuka-World, the player character must get to level 286. 001c63e3 Wasteland Survival 3 Heal 50 from irradiated packaged food and drink. 001d244f 3 50.A.T.S.
  • 0001dafe 2 9 Punching attacks now do 40 more damage and can disarm your opponent. 001acf99 4 40 You find even more bottle caps in containers, and there is a chance of enemies exploding into a shower of caps when you kill them. Instantly gain 10 Damage Resistance 0004a0ab 2 9 You now have 20 damage resistance. I'm using a mod that makes me a ghoul, im roleplaying, i need 3 stars on the perk Ghoulishness. 0004d87a 2 15 Your criticals now do twice as much extra damage.
  • 000eecc0 MS 19 insurgency Sandstorm Survival Mode Disease Mission Vault 81 Molerat Disease 0023aec1 Mysterious Stranger Damage MysteriousStrangerDamage 00188aaa Power Armor Bleeding Damage Power Armor Mod Bleeding Damage Power Armor Blood Cleanser Power Armor Mod Blood Cleanser. Gun Nut is a perk in, fallout 3, Fallout 4, and, fallout: The Board Game. 0004a0c7 4 35 Attacks with automatic weapons do 80 more damage and gain a chance to stagger opponents. Some of these can be added permanently via dperk base.
  • Xx 029b26 Quest/faction related perks Edit Perk Benefit Base ID Ace Operator Your stealth is increased while in shadows to 90 visibility and you deal 25 more damage with silenced weapons. 001acf9a 3 24 You find even more ammunition in containers. Edit, effects, edit, each of the three ranks of this perk permanently increases the player character's Repair and Small Guns skills by five points. the perk image shows a missile launcher among the collection of weapons. 0004c93b 2 25 You now have 3 to Intelligence and Perception between the hours of 6:00.m.


Requirements edit, used for mods edit, strategy Guide/Tips edit, this perk is important for combat-oriented builds that rely on guns. 0001e67f 2 12 When you successfully pacify an animal, you can incite it to attack 0004a0d9 3 28 When you successfully pacify an animal, you can give it specific commands 001d2450 Local Leader CHR 6. Gun Nut has 4 ranks: Rank 1: You gain access to base level and Rank 1 gun mods (Requires: INT 3). Fallout 4, edit, in, fallout 4, Gun Nut returns as one Piece Treasure Cruise Apk Mod Money a feature to enhance projectile weapon modifications, and it also enables the player character to build turrets in their settlements.

Gun Nut Fallout

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The new perk system. Fallout 4 has merged with the skill system. Gun Nut, INT 3, 1, You gain access to base level and Rank 1 gun mods, 0004a0da. Xx 028a23 Basher STR 8 1 Get up close and personal! Xx 0423a4 Adamantium Skeleton END 7 1 Your skeleton has been infused with indestructible metal, reducing limb damage. Reilly's Rangers before, to which, reilly will reply "You're pretty sharp, kid.". Attacks superpowered Global Influence Cheat with non-automatic rifles do 20 more damage 0004a0b6 2 9 Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 40 more damage and ignore 15 of a target's armor.

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