Hacker Sucker Expressions

hacker Sucker Expressions

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  • I sweat the new wu-tang. Example: I'll just have a skosh of pasta.
  • Example: Look at that swamp donkey in the skank pants, skank top, and CFM shoes. Becca screamed, as the safety blade on the Saran Wrap brutally attacked her wrist. Show: Part of the phrase doin' shows-acting overly dramatic in a situation, drawing unnecessary attention to oneself or others around. (pause) Wally: Sentence finishing machine? Slanguage: slang language, need I say more?
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  • hacker Sucker Expressions
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  • Paris is NOT the capital of Algeria! Slash: Same-gender affection/smut fan fiction stories written about characters who are not in a same-gender relationship in the actual TV show/movie/whatever. Squalorship: The living conditions available to a student who has been issued a student loan from the Federal or Provincial governments; also the living conditions available once the collection agencies start looking for the loans to be paid back. Example: Since you're buying, I'll have a pint of lager. Nah, he's gone soft in the head softie: Suburban Old Fart, Taking It Easy Example: They used to be yuppies; now they're softies.
I just bought a couple of new pairs. Stand on somebody: believe on somebody. Usually used in critical Ops Mod Apk 0 9 11 F147 the plural. Example: Can I get sexsylum in your room tonight? Example: Are you like me? He's not coming in, it's a Schmoolie Day.

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hacker Sucker Expressions Buffy, what do you say to cocktails at the country club? Example: Scott: I think Nikki is the total cat's pajamas. When the elevator arrived, she saw that it was full, but started to get in, anyway. Originated when I was trying to read my friend's poem, and instead of reading swish of, I read swisnoff. Example: A: I hope Mulder and Scully fall in love.
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Rome 2 Empire Divided Cheat Engine Example: Jim: I need some tissue. Example: A teacher can tell if a student is unsure of test answers by taking note of the volume of skerds remaining on the test paper and on the student's desk. So squek the SpiKe. Shwing: An exclamation used by an innocent onlooker to indicate that someone has just been insulted. Slinkster: Something really cool Example: Wow, that was a slinkster band tonight.
hacker Sucker Expressions


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