Law And Order Borderlands 2 Cheats

law And Order Borderlands 2 Cheats

is law And Order Borderlands 2 Cheats possible to get a law and order that are usable at lower than level 20, but require you to be level 20 to obtain, does anyone have a set they are willing to, sorry if saying this offends anyone, duplicate? Trivia, the flavor text is a play on the verbal expression, "La-dee-da" (notably the catchphrase of the 1977 movie. It takes its prefix instead from its grip. Special Weapon Effects,. . Rapier has double the melee damage bonus of the Law and therefore is superior for the purpose of increasing melee. 100 accuracy when scoped (not shown on weapon card). We have 0 cheats. This can be used to the fullest by a Mechromancer invested in the Anarchy tree. Order is equipped, melee attacks with Law will restore the character's health, at a rate of 25 of the damage dealt. The Law also has an invisible 100 accuracy bonus when scoped, giving it accuracy comparable to a sniper rifle. If the Law is not in use, this shield offers no advantage over an equivalent Maylay shield. Law can be obtained as a mission reward from. Its roid damage is comparable to a purple roid shield of the same level, but its unique quality is only revealed when used with its companion weapon Law. Unless the Law is used with its companion shield Order, the assault rifle. All Cheats - Latest First, why are you reporting this submission? Order may spawn with a Maliwan capacitor, granting immunity against shock, corrosive or fire elemental damage.
LAW order shield equipped every single melee strike zero does results in stealing 100 of the damage you dealt back to health. Order is a unique Maylay Shield manufactured by bandits. Order is obtained from the mission BFFs located in Sanctuary.
  1. Edit Oops, didn't know there is m/r/BorderlandsGuns sorry if the second part breaks any rules, it is just a follow up question. This article is about the Law pistol. This makes it very useful for melee-focused character such. Order is a unique maylay shield manufactured by bandits. Marshall Friedman after completing, won't Get Fooled Again and as a rare drop from the.
  2. Contentsshow Special Effects Chung-gunk! Law revolver is equipped, 25 of damage done with melee attacks is converted to health. Law is a pretty cool weapon overall, but I find the amount of HP leeched a little small, it can only leech on melee attacks and it forces you to wear.
  3. Order, which will have a normal recharge timer, meaning the roid damage is only active for a couple seconds after taking massive damage, and that it will recharge as soon as you move away from. Law is one of the few that cannot spawn without the bayonet. Law is special because it is the only pistol giving a melee boost of 100. Any other bayoneted pistol has a 50 buff. Additionally, it gives its wielder an option to regenerate health once it s paired with the.
  4. Law is a unique pistol manufactured by, jakobs. By using both Law and Order, melee-focused characters should be able to survive for extended periods of time in situations where otherwise that would not be possible due to the health drain.
I have just started playing borderlands 2 and I am trying to get a set of law and order for my zero. Order is obtained from the mission. Law's relation to the Order is a reference to the phrase "Law Order" popular in Western culture, dating back to at least the 1700s. Since the negative accuracy of an Anarchy stack is countered by cod Bo2 Xbox 360 Mods Download the bonus on the Law, Mechromancers can retain perfect accuracy with up to 57 stacks of Anarchy, while any more will decrease the accuracy by the usual amount per stack.

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