Minecraft Penguin Mod 1 11 2

minecraft Penguin Mod 1 11 2

1 block apart for eyes. Step 6: Roof, now put a roof on it on block smaller higher then the last row of blocks. Now level off the whole thing by putting black wool on top of the white wool to level the whole thing off. And i think it's the first one? Step 9: The Inside, for the floor replace the grass blocks with white wool then make different floors. And put one of you wooden doors on each arm. Things Penguins (and Mascots) Can minecraft Penguin Mod 1 11 2 Do : -Walk -Look Around -Swim, things Puffles Can Do : -Follow You only IF you have a Puffle-O Berry in you hand. I hope you enjoyed this instructable if you did check out some off my others. Step 8: Arms, now go up 8 blocks on the side and make arms that are 7 blocks long and 1 block wide. If you decided to make it a house then go on the inside and (this step is optional) you can cover the walls in white wool. Credits: * Thanks to Wiiv for making the Adlie Penguin model and textures! And place a trapdoor at the top. And place ladders on the wall you chose and break through the floors.

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Club Penguin: Minecraft Penguin Mod 1 11 2

Could you please update the.14 Snapshot version.14(. 1 / 2 ) Release? Join Date: 12/ 11 /2014; Posts: 127; Member Details. The Club, penguin mod is based after the famous Club.

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