Monster Legend Hackster

monster Legend Hackster

Masters, Team Race is around the corner and it's time to fin. Recently, I've obtained Al Canine and leveled him up to 85 and he is a great rome 2 Multiplayer Cheats member of my main team (lv 85 burogtor and ixofex) and now i have the chance to craft Hackster who is another. Additional Effects, may Hack all targets two turns. Hackster is a classic denier monster known for the "Hacked" effect, which bypasses Possession Immunity. Nice speed, negatives, cooldowns, awful trait, hack does not bypass the Abomination and Gravedigger traits. 50 chance of Hacking target. Viability Rank: SS (10/10 effectiveness: 9/10. Copyright m, privacy Policy. Timmy is a perfect counter, since Hackster cant deny him and Timmy can deny him. After every Race, we see players confused and sad because their teams kicked them out and they couldn't receive rewards even though they significantly contributed. Baby, juvenille, adult, stats, skills, trojan Mouse, acquired. If all the above resonates with you, write in the comments below something about you as a player! 50 chance of Stunning target. Single 50 stamina removal move, double Damage Hack skill, single enemy Magnetize Time Stop.
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  • At the monster s highest level. In other words, this time is used for comparing between combinations. The lesser the time is, the faster the combination will give you the right monster. There is also the Breeding Statistic Percent, which is a bar with the percentage.
  • This indicates how fast does it take to breed a X monster between different combinations. Hackster is a classic denier monster known for the Hacked effect, which bypasses Possession Immunity. This means that if your monster has a trait that gives them regular Possession Immunity, too bad!
  • monster Legend Hackster
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  • Rarity, legendary, elements, legendary, Metal, number 397, trait. Phrack Editor Acquired Group 2 Type Metal Target Target single enemy Damage 0 Accuracy 90 Cooldown 3 Stamina Cost 30 Additional Effects May Magnetize target.


Woody Woodpecker 056 Hot Rod Huckster.

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1.44 Megabytes Acquired Group 3 Type Special Target cod Black Ops 2 Weapons Target single enemy Damage 55 Accuracy 95 Cooldown 1 Stamina Cost 31 Additional Effects Deals heavy Special damage. Original Cracker Acquired Group 3 Type Metal Target Target multiple enemies Damage 30 Accuracy 95 Cooldown 3 Stamina Cost 27 Additional Effects Deals low Metal damage to all enemies. Search by element, search by rarity, search by book. Hackster is arguably the best possessor that's why he's an SS monster. Hackster: Tell us your opinions, questions, suggestions! Positives, hacking bypasses Possession Immunity, aOE Hack, aOE Stun. Amazing special move (AOE 2-turn hack). Accuracy 120, cooldown 0, stamina Cost.

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Youtuber Tycoon 2 Codes Krampus is also a good choice. Max GPM 244, breed Time, n/A, hatch Time 2d 2h, level. Jasastur battlefield Bad Company 2 Cracked Servers is great for this, since he can give Hackster 2 turn Possession. Black Hat, original Cracker, phrack Editor, arpanet Explorer 3 Speed 3 Speed is necessary for a denier, especially since he is a bit slow. Phrack Editor Magnetizes and Time Stops an enemy, and Arpanet Explorer gives an enemy Hacked and Double Damage.
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  1. Script Kiddie Acquired Group 1 Type Special Target Target single enemy Damage 35 Accuracy 95 Cooldown 0 Stamina Cost 26 Additional Effects Deals moderate Special damage. Comparison to Competition: 8/10, overall ranking: 9/10, hackster is great for mechanical wars, as he can Hack all enemies. Removes 50 of Stamina from target.
  2. His skill set is great and, as you can see, will destroy any team he can outspeed. So any speed based denier crushes him.
  3. Hackster will still Possess him unless the opponnent has a trait that gives him immunity. Monster Legends Hackster detailed wiki guide with images. Sample Page; Monster Legends Breeding Chart with Pictures and Combos Monster Legends Wiki. Monsters; Breedings; Hackster Rarity Legendary Elements Legendary, Metal Number 397 Trait Immune to magnetize Books.
  4. Monster Legends Hackster
monster Legend Hackster

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Monster Legends: wasper level 130 vs Hackster 130 review combat Grand Prix Race. Download This Hack Wasper monster legends Wasper 130 review bandses magic path yamada fire path jasastur dark path flamerion metal path. Gorg monster legends Gorg 130 review #MonsterLegends #wasper.

Monster Legend Hackster - Monster Legends

Arpanet Explorer Acquired Group 3 Type Special Target Target single enemy Damage 0 Accuracy 90 monster Legend Hackster Cooldown 3 Stamina Cost 30 Additional Effects Gives double Damage and may Hack target. Tank, control, attacker, supporter, support-Healer-Resurrecter, monster Gallery, hackster EggLevels. Target can't attack on the next turn. So i was wondering if i should either craft the Hackster or Igursus(who i heard is really good fire monster) with my remaining elementium. Al Canine can outspeed Hackster, apply CDA and even stun him, making him a great counter.

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