More Explosives Mod Popularmmos

more Explosives Mod Popularmmos

hot but not as hot as Lava Dynamite. Open master @a 10 -1 2 10 auto:1,Command minecraft Modloader 1 13 2 execute @enameastnt1 detect 2 air 0 kill -1 2 11 auto:1,Command execute @enameastnt1 detect 2 air 0 fill stone -1 2 12 auto:1,Command execute @enameastnt detect air 0 kill -1 2 13 auto:1,Command. Rainbow TNT Builds a rainbow. Nether Dynamite - I think Nether will be coming to visit us soon! C4 Explosive, explodes instantly, half as strong as TNT, and not set off by nearby explosions. Dynamite x500 - x100 is not enough then try this! It means a lot to me, and I spend hours working on my mods. Dynamite x10 - Explosive has same power as tnt. Sir Derpington TNT Summons pigs everywhere. 1 Bomb is enough but not 3, 5 or 8 bombs. Scatter Dynamite - It's like Dynamite x8 but it's kinda worse! Death Trap Dynamite - Don't get stuck in there.


Xhol - Hau-RUK (1970) Full Album.
Pickup master @a 10 4 12 auto:1,Command execute playsound bient master @a 10 4 11 auto:1,Command execute particle reddust.4 0 4 10 auto:1,Command scoreboard players add tntItm 4 9 auto:1,Command execute playsound rp downloadhackedgames Com Website Free master @a 10 4 8 auto:1,Command. Name; self explanitory however. Oh just dig down 25 blocks and see! Heat Seeking Bomb - You can't escape it's wrath!

More Explosives Mod

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more Explosives Mod Popularmmos


He used the more explosives mod to demolish the dropper map. I would just download the older version but, the newest version is for.7.2. Mod adds in new types of TNT. Some of them are extremely powerful, especially the nuclear TNT and Meteor TNT. You can easily cause massive amounts of destruction and troll your friends! Ice Dynamite - Brr it's colder more Explosives Mod Popularmmos then snow! Explosion Bomb X5 - Oh it's huge! You can easily cause massive amounts of destruction and troll your friends! Dynamite x100 - Now that's a one strong explosion. Yes i can jump 5 times!

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