Ntdll Rtlinitunicodestring

ntdll Rtlinitunicodestring

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  • Dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. 323 Cannot set the current wave device for recording because it is in use. 326 No wave device is installed that can play files in the current format. Reopen the device with the correct mode.
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  • 304 The filename is invalid. 321 Cannot set the current wave device for play back because it is in use. 8 This function is not supported.

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ntdll Rtlinitunicodestring 289 The specified alias is already being used in this application. Use the ntdll Rtlinitunicodestring ID returned when opening the MCI device. Increase the size of the buffer. Check with the device manufacturer about obtaining a new driver.
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262 There is a problem with your media device. 4 The specified device is already in how To Enter Cheat Codes On Zoo Craft Project use.

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