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to pick if you want a certain wand. Length: Although a tall persons wand will always be longer than an average persons than a short person, the object that produces the shortest of the short wands (9.5) does not produce the shortest of the average or tall wands. Im working off a theory that, since there are 2 Gryffinpuff, 2 Slytherdor, 2 Gryffinclaw, 2 Slytherclaw, and 2 Huffleclaw answers between the 6 remaining questions, that 1 Gryffinclaw answer should have Gryff primary/Claw secondary and that the other should have Claw primary/Gryff secondary. They appear to have two superpowers rather than three, and there are three possibilities: That they do indeed receive some sort of tertiary on change appearance (as is possible for book/cure/records that they receive a secondary on superstrength; or that they have only two superpowers. Thats the data we really need. THE following wand combinations were added MAY 18th, Fir, Unicorn, 13 1/4, Unbending Tall Brown Even Determination Left Towards The Sea Heights The Glittering Jewel Pear, Dragon, 13 1/4, Hard Tall Grey Odd Intelligence Left Towards The Sea Isolation. Here is the google doc spreadsheet for pottermore wand selection i hope this helped! Imitated - Ravenclaw Envied - Slytherin Feared - Slytherin On trusted, Hufflepuff-primary is more likely than not but this may have equal weight between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Im not going to tell you the exact steps, but im pretty sure you need to have blue eyes, and pick intelligence as your favorite trait to get elder wood in general. Core: Fear object from trunk.
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  • The same note as Hufflepuff) applies for Gryffindor here. Not only does no one pick the Slytherin option, theres also a major problem of having entire Houses go en masse for answers that dont belong to them. The Golden Key, cypress, Unicorn, 13 1/2, Slightly Yielding: Tall, green, even, kindness. It is likely that Ravenclaw is given weight for more than one option, and may receive a secondary on either envied or feared; however, this is impossible krunker Io Hacks 2019 to determine, because Ravenclaws in practice do not choose the answers assigned to them.
  • Power - Slytherin, wisdom - Ravenclaw, glory - Gryffindor. It would be a little concerning if it didnt. About 80 of Ravenclaws choose stars. Again, Hufflepuff lacks a tertiary answer for this question. Liked - Hufflepuff, praised - Gryffindor primary, Slytherin secondary.
  • Theres one case in which a short person can get.75 wand but an average one only gets.5 wand. I honestly didnt know that you could get elder wood either until i saw my results. 13 comments 100 Upvoted, sort by, community Details 6, online, subreddit dedicated.K. Meanwhile, centaurs are more popular in Gryffindor than Ravenclaw, but more points are awarded to Ravenclaw. Ghosts is popular in all Houses, but is actually by far most popular in Ravenclaw; however, the bulk of points is awarded to Gryffindor.


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Kiras spreadsheet is spectacular in that its broken down the data in ways nobody else has, and doing it in multiple languages.) Like all wand spreadsheets, its incomplete, and needs more data. Brown-black eyes, or fearing the darkness. Yes, I cheat Codes For Watch Dogs 1 Xbox 360 did all these quizzes! (Personally, I think that this was kind of a crappy way to determine flexibility - I wouldve preferred that eye color and birth date be taken out of the equations for a more realistic quiz.) It has, however.
Pottermore, like the combinations to pick if you want a certain wand. My, pottermore wand is Yew and Phoenix feather core, but I know how to make many others. There is actually a cheat sheet somewhere that my here is the. Have you done an analysis of the. Wand, quiz on, pottermore like your House Sorting.

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Rimworld God Mode Kill If Hufflepuff has a third, this would be likely; however, at present selecting invisibility does not appear to increase the likelihood of a Hufflepuff Sorting. Until recently, more Hufflepuffs than Gryffindors chose this answer; however, both percentage of people choosing this answer who end in Gryffindor and percentage of Gryffindors choosing this answer have surpassed Hufflepuff. 50 of Gryffindors (or 70 of Hufflepuffs but Ravenclaw definitely do not get points from stars. 9-20 of other Houses.) Any correlation between envied or feared would be even more impossible to determine, as approximately 3 of Ravenclaws choose envied and 1 choose feared (and both options are extremely rare overall, as about 6 of the overall.
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Pottermore Wand Cheats Spreadsheet Warframe How To Farm Riven Mods
(By the way, Kira, I ve added 2 more wands to that sheet on the paths list. Post with 5231 views. This is how the.

This is how: Pottermore Wand Cheats Spreadsheet

Many cores have skyforge Cheat Engine Problems yet to be determined, particularly for grey eyes (dark brown/black is almost complete, but the others all have significant gaps.). Again, there are problems. ETA: I forgot, theres one exception to tall people always have longer wands than shorter people.

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