Shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg

shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg

didn't exist (and you weren't streaming if anything its more dodgy. Recent tweets suggest hes taken an interest in the latest developments with. VXtRCvW-28jg (video of an aimbot, notice how some shots miss etc). Today, he partially apologised for that. He also posted a video of the match from his perspective: He played well, but not in any way that would suggest speed-hacking, which involves moving far more quickly than should be possible in the game, and at one. The events have raised questions about streamers and their relation to hackers. It's a claim that sounds audacious until you realise that Shroud has over a million followers on Twitch, and thousands tune in every day to watch him stream. Posted in, articles, tagged, athena Gaming, Best of Athena Gaming, Best of pubg Mobile, Best of Shroud, Best pubg Mobile Moments, Funny pubg Mobile Moments, pubg mobile, pubg Mobile Athena Gaming, pubg Mobile Highlights, pubg Mobile Tipps and Tricks, pubg. I for one love playing it on Xbox, even with all the negatives. The game has so many issues and so many faults that it's hard for anyone to see the positives. During a match a couple days ago, Shroud ate a small cannon volley's worth of lead the second he peeked his head around a corner. Since then, Go_Bang claims his account has been reported "hundreds of times" by Shroud's viewers. "I'm not sure if this will result in a ban Go_Bang wrote. The antics began when Shroud asked the player to fetch him a gun while he held up in a shack and quickly turned to the hacker driving Shroud to other parts of the map and experimenting with what the flying car was capable. So there IS something in it for him and it is worth the risk (and you may wanna get your tinfoil hats but it wouldn't surprise me if Bluehole unbanned him simply because of WHO he is and how much he advertises their game.
shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg
Whats your take on Shroud getting banned from. Shroud can still play. 90 of the csr Racing Mod Apk 2 9 0 time you will find.


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  1. "Two cheaters there he said afterward. I was hoping some people that are impartial (not just fanboys or haters to discuss, because personally I'm under the impression he does and I'll show my reasoning why; This video most of it possible, apart. Yesterday's game was from Cooking Mama, or one of the mini-games from Cooking Mama. Did he act recklessly on purpose?
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  3. While the interaction was mostly played for laughs, it looks like pubg Corporation wasnt in on the joke. Counter-Strike pro, he's rarely outsmarted or outgunned. That could be why Shroud thought Go_Bang was a shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg hacker. People don't realise but there's a lot of money in streaming at the moment, last time I checked imaqtpie (a LoL streamer) banked like 2 mil/year, and people are more interested in flashy plays and god-like play. I didn't even shoot Shroud.
  4. Shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg
  5. Every once in a while, he calls out cheaters on stream. It was Fatal Frame, although I don't blame people for all the Stargate puns and references. Pubg, full offense to you guys, dont give a sh-t. Shroud, one of, playerUnknown's Battlegrounds ' most popular streamers, isn't somebody who loses very often.
shroud Reacts To Cheaters In Pubg

(Not clickbait, genuine

That s not suspicious at all, must be a coincidence. Also not suspicious how any thread being made about Shroud possibly using aimbot or cheating magically gets locked by a pubg moderator? The vast majority of people who have been pointing these things out have been discredited due to people who keep saying the 5 main arguments that defend Shroud;. Another week, another streamer banned for cheating.

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