Silent Hunter 5 Mod Ship Speed

silent Hunter 5 Mod Ship Speed

of new SH5 captains and to read the same threads month after month, year after year, over and over e hope is that something like this will make "life". Alternatively, you can choose to use the AP rounds which can be shot just below the waterline to help sink the enemy ship whilst also doing structural damage. Report problems with download. Automated waypionts are set (unseen) that your boat will follow. TDC Graphics by Naights.0, tDW Round Fire Button v12 by Torpedo. If you are spotted by any ship, that ship will begin to zig-zag or vary its speed to make a torpedo solution hard to get. I will post on this thread again to give feedback on how it works out. User Name, remember Me? DynEnv.9 -. Plus changes to some of the ships pictures for easier identification kohls Code Forum such as, adding or subtracting guns or funnels as the particular ship is actually displayed.
  • How to edit: Sub Speed -Torp Damage on Silent Hunter
  • DynEnv.9 - No U-Mark, water reflections intensity varied by available sunlight by TheDarkWraith. You can look at a ship and the crosshairs will turn red. Notes: The player can only use type viia, viib, and viic U-boats. The TAI will display a line coming from your submarine with numbers 1-3 and a similar line coming from the merchant vessel.
  • The best place to attack from is a perpendicular angle to the merchant with about 1 kilometer of range. The TI has a longer range and multiple speed/range settings 5 kilometers at 44 knots,.5 kilometers at 40 knots,.5 kilometers at 30 knots. Deck Gun/Flak: The flak gun can be manned in case of air attack by pressing F6 in calm waters, or by talking to the officer on the bridge (additionally the captain can walk up to it and use it).
  • The sonar thermal layer is at a depth of 40 meters. The HE round is good for hitting an enemy ship at long range and doing damage to the structures on board. Ubisoft basically forgot about this game yet there are so so many people still playing.

silent Hunter 5 Mod Ship Speed
Subscribe for our latest Gameplay Videos! To have your gun crew automatically shell a ship, go up on deck in first person view. Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 2_ Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 3_ Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 4_ Sjizzle's - MarineQuadrat Charts for NewUIs. Advertisements, fallout 76 Night top Cheats Light - How To Get the Night Light.
  1. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic game MOD The
  2. Silent Hunter 5, pC game mods. Silent Hunter 5, battle of the Atlantic.15 Trainer 6 Options: God Mode Instant Torpedo Cooldown ttery No CO2 nown Inf. Silent Hunter 4 changes the target ship s manual range finding reference point from the mast, to a more central location. This change will provide a greater amount of accuracy between the sub and target by using structures that are easily seen and have been calibrated for the Stadimeter. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic.
  3. At this point go to the conning tower and scroll forward with your mousewheel to select the binoculars and press the spacebar. Adding a Nomograph to the Map page for easier speed finding. Less Accurate AI Gunners Speech fixes and additions (german version) silent Hunter 5 Mod Ship Speed WHF-FUC_We Have Flooding-Flooding Under Control_Fix Shadow Improvement ModLR Small_trees_SH5_V1 sobers green crew training V4 SH5 sobers no footstep sound mod SH5 V2 sobers smoke screen V1 SH5 (DynEnv compatible). Author: CapnScurvy (Uploaded by, capnScurvy date Added:, downloads: 1286, grade: A, description.
  4. Please try again later. I generally avoid using this torpedo due to poor range and speed. Just because you can see the enemy, does not mean that they can see you. Once the deck gun has finished off the merchant, adjust course and leave quickly- often a destroyer will come to hunt you down.
silent Hunter 5 Mod Ship Speed Active updating - comment with questions or additions. Silent, running (Submerged) F9 Overcharge Diesel Engines F10 Overcharge Electric Motors. You can still find the target ship s speed, course, and by knowing their bearing.

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