Unturned Story Mode Mod

unturned Story Mode Mod

coalition, and then you will help them to make their settlement bigger and better. Ernie and Benny will ask you to help them make a cure for the zombie Apocalypse. Once you give those items to him, he made a syringe to test it on the captured zombie. Then they ask you about your fight with the pirate zombie of how the zombies got those powers. Then he turns it into a gas so you and a couple other people go to other places and heal everyone. Then they take a piece of flesh, and a blood test to see how they could reverse. I would not mind having some npcs to interact with. When you finish that, there will be a cut scene of you landing in PEI for gas. Some times you find several and other times you wonder a whole map and find none or several.


In this mode you will start off in Washington. It will say, "Hello. Then you come back and tell them that the Syndicate killed them. Im new to 1 9 Hacks Mc the whole survival/sandbox type. It will say that you need 4 gas cans, a plane, or a helicopter full on gas. I have seen some story mode mods people playing. Some items are high on you list when you 1st spawn and sometimes on some maps you play hours on it and never find.
Im not sure if they are good. So the title of it would unturned Story Mode Mod be Unturned Story Mode: The cure. I know it clashes with the whole concept of survival/sand box.

Unturned Story Mode Mod - Unturned, general

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Mcheli Mod Showcase Especially to trade with. After that, you can tell Captain Sydney about the Unyielding, and then she will ask you to get Intel of how the coalition in Germany is doing since they haven't gotten a message from them for a month. We have settled up on a aircraft carrier in Russia that has food, water, and weapons." Then a quest will pop.
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  1. Unturned Story Mode for.0 : unturned - Reddit
  2. Some rare items you only need 1 but you cant craft them. Then you find the aircraft carrier and become the highest rank you can to do these 3 missions: they will ask you to go to Hawaii for Intel of their people who crashed/ended up there.(Hawaii update thing). When you are highly geared a voice plays on the radio when you pass. Then they ask you if you could go back to Washington to find out how they made the virus.(Written on a note.) If you already read, and took the note, you give it to them. 6 Unturned days later they find out how to reverse.
  3. In this mode you will start off in Washington. When you are highly geared a voice. Amps everything up to the next level.
  4. If some 1 can point me to 1 with quests that maybe worth a look also. They ask you to find 6 chemicals, 2 vaccines, 4 anti-biotics, 2 purification tablets, and 1 pain killer.
unturned Story Mode Mod


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