, and my guess that it runs the rest of the code until there is none left, at vbmodeless which point the user is free to work on both the worksheet and userform. (Before I added "vbModeless the code would run after I used the userform) Now, is there a way to make the program from not. You should be able display the form as vbModeless and only execute code when specifically requested,.e., from a CommandButton or other control. You then leave the form visible/shown until it is specifically closed, via the "X" button or via another control which calls the UserForm_Terminate event. Hi all, Well, I'm a complete VB newbie - and just trying to get a handle on things. Help with vbModeless - Excel Help Forum Vbmodeless Form Won't Show Sometimes - Excel Templates I've sort of solved my problem, but was hoping someone could explain it to me (MS Help and Google have only confused me more!). I am delving into VB to try to build a quiz application in excel. In a nutshell, the user will navigate from form to form, with each form displaying a list of questions to answer. Re: Vbmodeless Form Won't Show Sometimes Its to hard to figure out from looking at the code. Userforms can be a real pain for me sometimes when switching they can get a little frustrating. Can you somehow either post the workbook here or on a website so we can take a look? If you had omitted the vbModeless argument, the userform would be opened as modal, and the Plr code would pause until the userform is closed.
  • Life moves pretty fast. If I'm not in modeless mode the macro works fine. So, it was working perfectly in the sense that everything was running sequentially, at the time it was supposed.
  • Public Sub Plr activeDocument. I've made a "back" button on form2, which allows the user to navigate back. It essentially means that you can interact with the sheet without ffxiv Unicode List dismissing the form.
  • If it has, it will copy all the information (resourcing package, vendor name/code etc.) associated with that. End Sub, but when I go to save the data from my UserForm1 back to my document I get the following error: Run-time error 6124, you are not allowed to edit this selection because it is protected. Solution: do not protect the document in the Plr macro, but in the QueryClose event of the userform (i.e. Else sert Where:oRng, RichText:True lor wdColorAutomatic ze 12, end If d "CB" i, oRng, next i ved True. I know how ow works.
  • I have another question. I am delving into VB to try to build a quiz application in excel. So far, form1 launches from the excel worksheet using a button. Also, in response to an expected reply, no, I cannot easily have a piece of code check if the PN exists in the other file and have all the necessary info copied.
  • I'm lost.edit2: 5 minutes later and still lost. I can execute a line such. If I don't hide form1, then it works fine.
  1. Code continues to run, users can modify cells, etc. On top of it, not everyone needs the file opened. You can attach files up to 250 KB to a post there (zipped if necessary).
  2. Solution: do not protect the document in the Plr macro, but in the QueryClose event of the userform (i.e. In the code module of the userform. Similar to a modal window, a modeless window is a feature that was first introduced in Internet Explorer.
  3. It launches a secondary (child) window that stays active on the user's screen until dismissed. Modeless windows can be minimized or hidden behind other windows. Unlike a modal window,. I don't believe that you can use vbModeless with msgbox. That is for use with the Show method of a user form.
  4. Word for Developers, question, in my template I have the following macro that opens my UserForm1. Regards, Hans Vogelaar (m).
  5. VbModeless Question
  6. I'm sorry, I can't explain that. When the, userForm is modeless, the user can view other forms or windows without closing the. I thought it would be easier for the user to be able to copy-paste the required info from the file into the input fields if the userform was modeless. When I get into work I will change.

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