Wiremod E2 Holo Models

wiremod E2 Holo Models

holoModelAny seemingly broken Wiremod e2 codes stop asking for credits some of codes are free to copy/share and some of codes had creators name. When I spawn a hologram that I have built on my regular build server it just spawns as a few cube s, and not the models that I have enterd into the E2 code. The other issue is when I spawn a set ang chip that was not built by me it says No such function: entity:setAng(angle) at line 14, char. Wiremod, or wire for short. Wire holoModelAny seemingly broken. Wiremod ) submitted 2 years ago by Ahsnarok. Set to 2 in the server config, and we ve changed it to 2 via the console aswell. Though when we spawn a hologram with a model from an addon that the server doesn t have, it displays the white cube, indicating that it doesn. wiremod - reddit Expression dungeon Hack Gogi 2 - 3D Holograms - GMod Wiki E2 with 100 holograms is broken : wiremod - reddit GitHub - wiremod/wire-extras: Unofficial Wire Extras Note, that the # mean s it wont do anything to the code, so use them when your testing your E2 and you don t want the original code gone and forgotten. These are various shapes you can use. I hope this helps you with your present, future, and past Expression 2 s! Wiremod, team for this epic mod. E2 with 100 holograms is broken (self. Wiremod ) submitted 1 year ago by temporaryuser3248092 I have an E2 that s using more than 100 holograms, but im unable to have those holograms because wiremod is restricted to spawning 100 holograms at a time by default. Unofficial Wire Extras Repository (formerly uwsvn). These are addons which may be of use to wiremodders in niche cases.
  • How to make holograms
  • To make a hologram in E2 you must start out like this: holoCreate(1) That is saying that you are creating a hologram and you named. From now on when you change your hologram that you just created, you will use. For example, if you wanted to change the model of the hologram. This section is for example expressions. To make this section as useful as possible, please try to keep your examples simple and targeted to specific areas of Expression.
  •  If you wanted to change the color of your hologram, the next line would be: holoColor(1,vec(x,y,x the x y z mean red green blue. It is set to 2 in the server config, and we've changed it to 2 via the console aswell. First off, if your new to Expression 2, this is one of the simpler things to learn. To change the angle of the hologram, the next line would be: holoAng(1,ang(x,y,z you can make as many holograms as you want in one chip. Last Edit was made on 11/16/2011, this is a simple tutorial on how to make Wire Holograms.
  • Wiremod E2 Holo Models
  • Wire Expression2:Examples - GMod Wiki

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wiremod E2 Holo Models If you want to add another hologram, the next line would be: holoCreate(2 then all of the lines will have to have 2 instead. Retrieved from " category : Proposed For Deletion. x y z wiremod E2 Holo Models are the dimensions of your hologram. If you want the hologram to follow the chip as you move it, you have to move all of your lines down one line.
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  5. Deletion is due within approximately 30 days from nomination, unless the deletion has been disputed on the talk page.  I put 3 )s because you have to close the ones that are facing the other way.  The three numbers can go up to 255 to make the color white.
wiremod E2 Holo Models From GMod Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, this page wiremod E2 Holo Models has been nominated for deletion. Here is what you want to start off with.

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